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We are your full-service billing company,  specializing in medical billing for all types of providers.

Now your staff can forget the bulk mail, stuffing envelopes, sorting, potential errors and countless hours.
We will help you to reduce operating costs and improve scalability with lower per claim filing costs save on postage
Every month your staff faces the same ordeal: patient statements. Tracking every detail of their individual healthcare takes some doing. And there is no room for mistakes. That all adds up to hefty operational costs—salary dollars and valuable time that could be more wisely spent.

We've delivered these results to physicians nationwide with unprecedented consistency and reliability. Which is just one reason we rank at the top of major industry surveys and why our clients continually recommend us to others. We invite you to learn more about how we can help you and your practice.

We have unique combination of unrivaled payor knowledge, and comprehensive business services, from eligibility verification to claims submission to insurance collection. With us, billing errors are caught and corrected before they become problems. Claims are scrubbed and sent out clean. Denials go down, cash flow goes up.

Our goal to get you paid faster is our singular focus is your cashflow.
Dealing with multiple payors can be overwhelming and frustrating. Each has developed their own specific requirements and process for successful claim submission. Some require “enrollment” procedures—rejecting claims until the form is processed; others have unusual or unique requirements; and yet others do not respond in a timely manner. Take away the hassles with Professional Billing Services!

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