Why us

Our Professional Billing Service offers for medical practices and rehabilitation centers, laboratories and diagnostic centers, any organizations who want to get payment from insurance companies, our results-oriented service, delivering:
  • Get paid faster;
  • Increased collections;
  • More time for patient care;
  • Gain efficiency by sharing the burden of business tasks with us through a unique co-sourcing relationship.

Our service saves you time and money—helping you make better use of employee work hours; scours, catching errors in your old unpaid claims, and your office always will be updated with the most current regulations reflecting billing.

With us less work hours are needed, making it highly efficient and fiscally smart.

It is very easy to setup account with us—get operational in minutes with our web site. No CDs, problem installation, expensive hardware, IT techs, hidden costs, pricey networks or hassles.

What you need is only Internet access and you have availability to operate your account 24/7 from any location. You can upload/download and manage files, wherever you are.

HIPAA Compliance — ensures your practice stays well within regulations on every front, from patient privacy to claim submissions.

Quick Help & Hints — pure functionality for novice to seasoned professional. Live online chat with our trained customer service department or phone consultations are also available.

Preparing medical billing statements used to be intricate and time-consuming. Now your staff can forget the bulk mail, stuffing envelopes, sorting, potential errors and countless hours. Allegiance has expert system technology—supported with Artificial Intelligence—to keep operations moving smoother, faster and more accurately.

Reduces operating costs and improves scalability with lower per claim filing costs save on postage

Every month your staff faces the same ordeal: patient statements. Tracking every detail of their individual healthcare takes some doing. And there is no room for mistakes. That all adds up to hefty operational costs—salary dollars and valuable time that could be more wisely spent.

We've delivered these results to thousands of physicians nationwide with unprecedented consistency and reliability. Which is just one reason we rank at the top of major industry surveys and why our clients continually recommend us to others. We invite you to learn more about how we might be able to help you and your practice.

We are a unique combination of unrivaled payor knowledge, and comprehensive business services, from eligibility verification to claims submission to insurance collection. With us, billing errors are caught and corrected before they become problems. Claims are scrubbed and sent out clean. Denials go down, cash flow goes up.

Our goal- Getting you paid faster is our singular focus spotlighting your cash performance.

Professional Online Billing Services is regarded as the easiest product to use in the industry.

Dealing with multiple payors can be overwhelming and frustrating. Each has developed their own specific requirements and process for successful claim submission. Some require “enrollment” procedures—rejecting claims until the form is processed; others have unusual or unique requirements; and yet others do not respond in a timely manner. Take away the hassles with Professional Online Billing Services!