How it works

Setting up is simple and free!
There are several ways to get your information to us: by faxing them (available 24 hrs), by mailing them, by emailing, uploading on the site through your account or if you are in our zoned area we can pick your information up.

What we will need from you:

  • Patient Information Sheet;
  • Both sides of the patient’s insurance card(s);
  • Superbill;
  • Explanation of Benefits from insurance carriers  

Submission of claims within twenty-four (24) hours from time of receipt. If a claim is not paid within 30 days, we contact the carrier and follow-up immediately. We make sure you get paid for your time!

We will bill your claims to all insurance companies your office accepts, in or out of-network. Whenever possible, we bill electronically, which cuts your reimbursement time from 4-6 weeks to, in some cases, 7-10 days. Electronic billing also decreases claim errors, because they are caught and corrected prior to being submitted. This means your claims will not be rejected or denied by the insurance company for a claim error. We follow up on all claims billed until they are paid or processed correctly.

Our Service prints and mails claims that cannot be submitted electronically—due to carrier-specific enrollment processes, carrier not accepting electronic claims, etc.

The checks will still come to you, you will just provide us with a copy of your EOB (Statement received with checks) and we will post them to give you reports.

Submitting incomplete or inaccurate claims can slow revenue to a snail's pace. Our clients enjoy a 99.97 percent average first-time acceptance rate on all submitted claims reducing drastically the costly days in accounts receivable. Our Service is a workflow-oriented, HIPAA-compliant claims management system.

No more lost transactions, duplicate batches and mundane redundancies in your claims management operations

The goal of our Professional Service is to provide our customers with excellent service.